Phase One: Justice League Edit

The World's Greatest Detective - 2016

The Last Son of Krypton - 2016

Wonder Woman - 2017

The Fastest Man Alive - 2017

The Suicide Squad - 2018

Nightwing - 2018

The King of Atlantis - 2019

Teen Titans - 2019

Green Lantern - 2020

The Justice League - 2020

Phase Two: The Emotional Spectrum Edit

Phase Two and Phase Three are running simultaneously 

The Red Lantern Corps -?

Agent Orange -?

Rise of The Sinestro Corps, Part I -?

Green Lantern II: Parallax -?

The Blue Lantern Corps -?

The Indigo Tribe -?

The Star Sapphires -?

Rise of The Sinestro Corps, Part II -?

Blackest Night, Part I -?

Blackest Night, Part II -?

Blackest Night, Part III -?


Atrocitous -?

Brightest Day -?

Phase Three: The Justice League Unlimited Edit

Steel -?

Speedy -?

Under The Red Hood -?

The Legion of Doom -?

Red Tornado -?

Deadman -?

Batman Inc. -?

Nightwing: -?

The Justice League Unlimited -?


Mystery of Batwoman -?

Hush -?

Blue Beetle -?

Injustice: Gods Among Us -?

The Justice League Unlimited: Crisis on Infinite Earths -?

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